a new pre-school opens in Lusenke------the life's dream for teacher Regina Bita. How well behaved these children are after such a short amount of time under the skillful supervision of this staff.

a class that is growing weekly------as of the latest update, there are 62 students enrolled in this school  and parents are eagerly participating in it's success

Cook Beatrice preparing porridge for a hearty mid day meal

"Porridge"---a high carbohydrate, sodium, potassium, and protein meal for energy and alertness.

time for physical education------a piece of land has been purchased near the Church house where a brick school house will be constructed with adequate space for a play ground as well. All this has happened in less than one year, thanks to the gifts of generous donors from the U.S.

students beginning to wear uniforms and taking pride in this new adventure

a dismissal prayer led by Principal/Teacher Regina-----this school is Christ Centered and the goal of Principle Regina is to turn away no child. There is no Public School system in Uganda. Parents are acutely aware of how blessed they are to have a wonderful Church house and School suddenly appear as if from nowhere. This small community deeply appreciates the goodness of their God.



to be continued