Bukedea and Jinja----a very special mission 2011

Bukedea 2011---a very special trip

2011 was a very special year with a very special mission led by my dear friend Elder Okurut Robert. At the time, Robert was the Chief of Security, Inflight Services at the Entebbe Airport. He has since retired and is a business man in Entebbe. This mission was brought about because of a tearful plea from Robert. It seems he was guided to see the terrible living conditions of a woman of Robert's tribe in the District of Bukedea, Eastern Uganda. This woman had twin boys of teen years who were both mentally and physically handicapped. She also watched over orphan grandchildren and lived in  a squalored mud hut that was barely able to stand and the roof of grass leaked terribly during the rainy season. She slept on the dirt floor with only a square of polyethylene plastic between her and the dirt floor. When Robert discovered her he wept and vowed, "I will not finish building my own village home until I have seen to it that this poor woman has a house for herself and family". He e-mailed me photos of this dear woman and her children and her pitiful dilapidated hut. Together we began a search for building funds to construct a new home for her. Brick by brick the house became a reality. At first the woman was doubtful that Robert's promise would become a reality. As the walls began to go up, she began to labor with the men who were building her new house. This is the pictorial story of that mission of 2011. I hope you enjoy this account.

on the way to Bukedea

motel accommodations along the way

a very nice room by rural Uganda standards

what in the world????

A new brick home for a needy widow

[funds provided by our faithful donors]

This village woman has taken on the care of several grandchildren following the death of their parents due to the HIV virus. She has survived in the poorest living situation imaginable. Our dear friend Okurut Robert told me of her situation so we began to raise money to build her and children a new brick home. Her God is BIG!



Okurut Robert-----a PRINCE OF GOD

As  we pulled up in front of the widow's house she began to jump and dance and sound the African Trill

Home sweet home

People begin to gather

and gather


Donors Deborah and Lyle Dukes -----Woodbridge Virginia who funded the roof on the house.

Gifts to the Mzungu [white man]

Next gift

gonna start a chicken ranch when I git back home

and a goat ranch too

first I have to eat all these peanuts------OH MY!!!

first car ride-----to the BOOT---[trunk]

you want me to ride back here with a GOAT????------nobody said anything about a GOAT!!!

HIV in action

local church------Okurut speaking in the Ateso language

typical home and proud owner

Under the Mango Tree

The Church of Jesus Christ which meets UNDER THE MANGO TREE

Near a remote village in the District of Bukedea, Eastern Uganda is a small group of people who meet UNDER THE MANGO TREE. It is a stark illustration of a truth that is lost in time and man made tradition. The notion that the "Church" has something to do with a grand building is a colossal distraction from the truth. "YOU", says the Apostle Paul, "are the TEMPLE of GOD". In this place, the "Temple of God" gathers to worship together under a mango tree. Today is a special day. So many have come to receive Ateso language Bibles and to celebrate with the widow who received a brick house when the Almighty demonstrated great favor and blessed her beyond her wildest dreams.

The woman in the white ceremonial gown [center] is that same woman whom God favored with a new house. She now sits in an honored place among the people

This man plays a musical instrument called the "walking box". It is said that if you can play this instrument, a long journey can be made magically short.

gonna take a loooooong time to figure this thing out!

just look for the guy in the RED suit-----I think you can find him

traditional instruments----we do not allow Western instruments or electronics in our meetings

the crowd grows

and grows

Danny and interpreter Okurut Robert----the Ateso language

parking lot

Roadside market on the way to our next conference

Dad-----do all mzungus wear white socks with their sandals back in America?

Wow, what a great experience this has been. Now on to Jinja----THE HEADWATERS OF THE NILE


Jinja is a district in Eastern Uganda. At it's southern border is Lake Victoria. This is the exit point for the overflow of water from the lake and the source of the legendary NILE RIVER. This was our focal point for our next venue.

A roadside food vender is a welcomed site after a long dusty trip from Bukedea to our next venue in rural Jinja

Fast Food Uganda style----chicken on a stick


headwaters of the Nile

The welcoming Church

Organizing Pastor opens the service.

Pastor Jimmy begins to teach

Praise to the Lord

Local Pastor-----overcome with joy and thanksgiving for native language Bibles shown in photo. We distribute 25 to 100 native language Bibles at every mission venue.

Pastor Jimmy-----overcome with gratefulness that the Lord should call him to such a ministry. Tears were falling to the dirt floor in this humble place

Pastor John receives his new Luganda language Bible----a gift from this couple, Trinity Baptist Church, Woodbridge Virginia

Pastor Munondo with mzungu and new Luganda Bible

Thirty one native language Bibles distributed to needy Pastors, Elders, and those actively involved in Church ministry

The local market place

Selling fish------up and comming entrepreneurs

Daddy-----that man has no color

"Destiny" on the road to our next venue

Church-house-----well over 100 degrees inside

We moved the "Church" outside into the shade between two structures. The Lord provided a cool breeze through the  ventura flowing between the structures

Lunch with the village Chief

This was quite a funny fellow despite his serious demeanor. He tried to convince me that the custom among his people was to rub CHICKEN FAT on one's head if the guest had enjoyed the food. I looked about to see if anyone else was rubbing Chicken Fat on their head. Everyone was looking at me. Something was obviously up, so I  commented "who goes first", and the room broke into rib splitting laughter.

a break for lunch at the village Cheif's home

A brand new Luganda Bible

Elder Michael

look at the little boy in the background-----he wants to join the others but is afraid. He has never seen a mzungu [white man] before

I thought I would take a short nap during the break so I retreated to a structure close to the Church house which was shady and breezy. I leaned my chair against a wall, put my head back against the wall and fell asleep soon enough, but in my slumber I heard children giggling. I opened my eyes and---------


Well------this is the conclusion of our account of the missions to Bukedea and Jinja 2011

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