West Budama County,Pamaraka village December conference groundwork report

           I am so glad again to present the report on our December ground work meeting trip.  All the village team from the three sub-counties where we have been holding our BFU conferences since much of this year, including others who joined them, came together and made one big team to organize and plan for the December Conference.
          The team has been working together seriously, holding meetings and
doing serious mobilization since the beginning of October. Due to the great impact and revival which NTFI/BFU conferences have brought among the leaders and many village churches, different bishops, overseers, pastors and many leaders who did not formerly consider BFU programs an important thing in Tororo but now have joined the village planning team already and are now actively working towards the success of the December conference.
          Due to this success, the team decided to mobilize pastors, bishops and all church leaders from all over west Budama County. West Budama County is made up of 12 sub-counties of Badama/Jopadhola people found in Tororo district in eastern Uganda. Most of the sub-counties are already presented in the planning. They have been holding different meetings and so they asked me to attend their meetings as well. Some of those bishops and other leaders who have joined them wanted to hear my own words/explanation about the vision and mission of NTFI/BFU. So I planned to travel and attend a planning meeting which took place on 11 Sep 2016 at "Win the world Church house" in Pamaraka village (Mwello
sub-county). That time again we hired a boda-boda [motor bike] for our transportation. I sent money to pastor Katandi and he hired a boda-boda for two days from his son.
           On Thursday 10th, I started my journey from Lusenke traveling to Jinja with my bicycle and kept it at Pastor Ali’s house. Then took a taxi [van] to the stage in Tor ro where I found Pastor Katandi waiting for me after riding the boda-boda from his home in Bukimbi village Namayingo district. We then took our safe ride to my home village called Osia to pay my Mom a brief visit. After handling few family issues, we proceeded with our journey that evening on our Boda-boda "motor-bike" to Pamaraka village where we spend the night at Bishop Owori Alfred’s home
          On 11th, our planning meeting started at 10am. We had great discussions on several issues as we plan for our next conference. We had different top leaders from several sub-county pastors’ fellowships. Nine sub counties out of 12 from West Budama County were represented.

The sub-counties represented are;
1.      Nabiyoga
2.      Mulanda
3.      Kirewa
4.      Peta
5.      Sopisopi
6.      Kisoko
7.      Nagongera
8.      Rubongi
9.      paya
I was given an ample time to speak I explained in detail the vision and mission of NTFI/BFU and talked deeply about how BFU raises donations for native bibles, all other gifts and every operation. After my presentation everyone was inspired including the new members. They all promised to work so hard for the success of our next conference. We all agreed that the conference shall begin on 5th -9th December. Venue will be in this same place where we had the planning meeting,
because this is the sub-county and the village which is found in the middle part of west Budama County. The team also agreed that they will be able to contribute all the food and try their best to raise other needed stuffs.
          News and good testimonies about BFU are spreading all over Budama land. Special thanks and blessings from the entire village team was sent to our board of directors and all our donors for their great love and support for the village churches from another land (Uganda). We then closed the meeting at 4pm and started our journey back home . Pastor Katandi rode me again on boda-boda to Busitema stage. Then he proceeded safely back to Bukimbi as I also boarded a taxi [van] to Jinja, spend the night and
proceeded on my bicycle to Lusenke the following morning.
           We are almost set for the December conference. We already have 80
bibles in stock and a bundle of clothes and all of our transport

 Thanks and special blessings again to all our donors.
 Bishop Bita James Oloo-----Jimmy.