Of course, our main focus at Bibles for Uganda is the purchase of new native language Bibles for distribution among Pastors, Elders, and those who labor in God's House [the people of God]. This is the CENTERPIECE of our ministry. Every Bible we purchase is in a native language. We have six native languages available to us. Our Bibles are bound in a sturdy leather-like material and a nylon zipper to protect it from the elements for many years. Our Bibles cost 15 dollars U.S. each------about two weeks wages for the average village Pastor. Imagine the joy of receiving such a gift. We receive no offerings or compensation from recipients. If you would like to help----click "participate" at the bottom of this page. If you have questions click the "Contact" prompt also at the bottom of this page.




Among the essentials we teach in the village Church

Salvation by grace through faith----the Born Again experience

Church identity----we are the Temple of God and collectively the House of God

Foot washing prior to the Lord's Table

The importance of the Lord's Table to celebrate Christ's sacrifice at the Cross

Baptism by immersion to celebrate the Resurrection, ours and His

Healing the sick according to the book of James----calling for the Elders of the Church and anointing the sick  with oil and praying the prayer of faith

The Brenda Modong children's fund

You may contribute to the Brenda Modong medical emergency fund by clicking the "participate" link below. We are building a cash fund to be available to poor parents so that they may receive prompt medical attention for their children who present symptoms of malaria exacerbation or other life threatening tropical illnesses. The village Saints of Lusenke will participate in this fund to their modest ability as well. We will not restrict help to children outside our Church community. We will not restrict help to children of Muslim families. Thank you.


Other great needs


Our village organizers have great difficulty raising funds for enough food to feed up to 200 Pastors and Elders at our conferences where we distribute 100 native language Bibles to replace the tattered old Bibles that most village leaders have used for many years and have carried over many dusty roads. We are looking for "FOOD FUND DONORS" who will support this need. Our conferences are convened quarterly and are faithfully recorded with a  written and photo report in our site archives. Our ongoing Archives tell a story that flows from one mission to the next with important up-dates, tying each effort together from venture to venture. You can get information on how to help by contacting us from our "Contact" or "Participate" prompts at the bottom of this page.

Clothing for leaders

Proverbs 19:17

 He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.

          This is our page dedicated to poor village Pastors and Elders who need clothing. We are able to purchase good used clothing for village Pastors and leaders at an incredibly low price. Bishop Bita can purchase them at the market in Kampala and distribute them at each quarterly conference along with Native language Bibles, Reading Glasses, and a new Road Master commercial grade bicycle. Our goal is to raise sixty dollars for each quarterly conference dedicated to good clothing. We will provide great photos as always. The Lord richly bless you. Danny McDowell  Chairman, N.T.F.I./B.F.U.



Through the information provided by a recent guest to our quarterly board meeting, we have discovered the "SAWYER" water filtering system available throughout the world. For 150 dollars U.S. we can purchase a Sawyer "BUCKET KIT". This is an amazing system whereby we can filter 150 gallons of clean water each and every day. This unit has a life expectancy of over a million gallons of clean clear water because of the ingenious "back flushing" process which renders the filter ready to produce more and more healthy water. You can see this amazing device at sawyer.com


Church house project PRAISE REPORT Praise report


A donor from North Carolina has funded the remainder of the building project for the new Church-house in Lusenke. Thank you Catherine S.

see link below



Pit Latrine


Pit latrine-----Praise report

A donor has funded the pit latrine for the new Church-house being constructed in Lusenke. Now on to the building of a Church-house for the humble Christians of this village. click link below



Bicycles for village Pastors

We can purchase a very good bicycle and deliver it to a worthy village Pastor for about 150 dollars U.S. These Pastors are sturdy men who can ride a bicycle all day long and still minister to God's people at the end of the day. A bicycle is a luxury to many Pastors. We record all such gifts in our Mission Archives so that our donors can actually see the bicycle they have given and see the recipient Pastor with his new bicycle. Go to our "contact" or "participate" link at the bottom of this page.



Readers for Leaders

We want to provide much needed reading glasses for older Christians who have difficulty reading their Bibles. One pair of reading glasses costs 5 dollars U.S.----ten pair 50 dollars----one hundred pair 500 dollars. I have recently suffered a detached retina of my right eye. My left eye has never been strong. For the first time in my life I have truly understood how much I have taken for granted in having a level of eyesight that has allowed me to read God's Word unfettered. I am expecting a full recovery of my vision over time. I would like to take 100 pair of reading glasses to Uganda for my yearly trip in September 2015. Bishop Pastor Bita  will set about  distributing reader glasses at each quarterly Bible distribution conference. We will endeavor to keep this effort alive for the need is never ending.  Danny McDowell-----Bibles for Uganda

Praise Report

Two donors from the Augusta Georgia area of the U.S.A. have given funds toward the purchase of over 300 pairs of reading glasses of varied strength [150 -300 power]. We will have enough reading glasses to provide  glasses to village recipients well into next year. I will deliver them to Bishop Bita during my yearly visit in October. Thank you Lisa and David for responding so graciously to the call. Danny McDowell


The village drum is essential to pristine village worship. Because it is an instrument fashioned from a tree limb or trunk, it is becoming scarce because of East African deforestation problem. We want to take about ten American made Tambourines to the Saints at Lusenke Kyunga Uganda [the Church of Jesus Christ, Lusenke]. These percussion instruments are perfect for African style village worship. They are inexpensive and young people are are always eager to learn a new instrument for worship. We can  purchase ten tambourines for about 200 dollars U.S.  I will purchase them online and take them with me to Lusenke in October when I make my yearly visit. Thank you, Danny McDowell


Solar electricity

We are looking for funds to purchase a solar electricity system to provide lights in the Church-house and parsonage.

A gasoline powered bicycle engine

a sturdy four stroke gasoline engine is needed for Pastor Jimmy's bicycle in order for him to have a broader range of ministry in the village of Lusenke where he now pastors. About 250 dollars



a 1.5 acre parcel behind the Church property has become available for 1800 dollars. We have currently raised 900 dollars toward that purchase. Provided we can raise the balance of the purchase price the property will be deeded to Pastor Jimmy and wife Regina for them to build their own family home. Jimmy will utilize his Makiga brick maker to provide all the bricks he will need. The brick maker will produce thousands of soil interlocking bricks which need no firewood for firing and no cement for laying. Think of them as giant legos. Jimmy has worked most of his adult life in ministry. He is the N.T.F.I./Bibles for Uganda Bishop and East Africa Coordinator as well as co-founder of Bibles for Uganda. He is self supporting and receives no salary for ministry work. This is an opportunity to help him build a family home in Lusenke. Please help us make this dream possible

Looking across the land toward the Church-house from the frontage road. The roof of the Church-house can be seen.