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It's easy to participate in Bibles for Uganda. You can personally purchase native language Bibles for 15 dollars each. If you e-mail a photo of yourself or a person of dedication, we will accompany your donated Bibles with that photo just as you have seen so many times throughout this site. You may choose to donate by sending a check to the address below, or use our convenient PAY PAL link at the bottom of this page. If you include a photo of yourself or of a dedication ie "I would like to donate five Bibles in the name of my late Father John Doe", then we will make copies of the photo for each Bible you donate. Then our missionaries in the field will take a photo of each recipient of your Bibles [with photo of yourself or beloved] and e-mail that photo back to you. That way, the recipient has a photo of the donor and each donor has a photo of the recipient.

Make checks payable to:

New Testament Fellowship International

P.O. box 1128

Evans Georgia



706 305 1875

We also appreciate funds dedicated to travel expenses for our missionaries, food for village conferences, or anything that is in your heart. All funds will be specifically directed according to your expressed wish. We do not use donor funds for anything other than that which the donor intends. Every person involved in Bibles for Uganda is a volunteer. There are no salaries, maintenance, or operating expenses taken from donor funds. Our native missionaries are self supporting men who take time quarterly to carry out their Commission to take the Gospel into the highways and byways and compel all men to follow Christ, and to distribute as many native language Bibles as we possibly can. We focus on people involved in ministry to villages in remote locations. Danny McDowell----Chairman/co Founder, New Testament Fellowship International/Bibles for Uganda

We provide a complete written and photo report quarterly to every donor

one native-language Bible costs $15

the cost of one mission is $200-$350 for travel, lodging, and food for two missionaries for a five day journey and conference