Nabiyoga conference, January 2018

Nabiyoga village, Nabiyoga sub-county, west Budama-- Toronto district (Eastern Uganda) 2018 BFU January conference


Early report-----Groundwork preparation for January Conference


          On Thursday morning, our planning /groundwork meeting started at 10 am at Nabiyoga trading center in their community hall with about 17 pastors from the four sub-counties which hosted our conferences in the year  2016. They all came with wonderful and encouraging testimonies about the great impact that Bibles for Uganda ministry left in west Budama through the four conferences which were held in four different sub-counties and they are so thankful, blessed and happy for being given again this great opportunity to host another B.F.U. teaching/Bible conference as well as Bible distribution. They express gratefulness for the loving hearts of Raytown Baptist Fellowship In Georgia, U.S.A.

This time their plan is to mobilize more than six sub-counties (sub-west Budama).   Already the four sub-counties are together on board as the chief organizers. They are targeting 500-600 participants . We agreed the venue will be here in Nabiyoga trading center community hall and date for the conference is from January 23rd to 27th 2018. Aiming at having teachers and student leaders also in our conference this time, before the schools open for the first term . 

 Our meeting ended very fruitfully and successfully at 6pm. We again rode15 miles on the dirt highway to Iyolwa taxi stage {"taxi"is actually a 16 passenger van]. Pastor Kitandi could not make his journey back that evening because it was already dark and a risk to travel with a boda-boda [125 cc motor-bike with driver], but for me,   I took a taxi van again to Jinja {origin of the Nile River] and spend the night at pastor Ali and I then proceeded to Lusenke [B.F.U. home Church] the next day on Friday then  home to Entebbe safely on Saturday. Son----Bishop Bita


Continued as Conference concludes on Saturday, January 27, 2018



 So privileged to present this report to you all.  Special thanks to all our donors for making this mission a great success. 

  The devil tried so much to fight and hinder our mission this time. All of us were seriously down with sickness prior to the conference week. Glory be to God and thank you all for your prayers. On Monday  January 22th, all the BFU village missionary team were supposed to travel to Nabiyoga in order to be there in time for the conference because Tuesday  23rd was our starting day. 

 Pastor Ochwo and Katandi were able to make it to the ground in Nabiyoga on 22rd as they were already feeling better. So on Tuesday the conference began just in time and they did go on with the teaching very well as they waited for the arrival of other team  members. Pastor Joshua and Robert were still not feeling well and couldn't travel at all to the conference. 

Ariving at the venue in Nabiyoga..jpg

Boda Boda-----Uganda Super Express

Jan The parking yard at the conference..JPG

Reserved Parking

For me, I was feeling much better on Tuesday, so I was able to travel safely with a friend pastor from Entebbe. Pastor Peter had always been asking me to take him with me to my village teaching conferences in order for him to get to understand our doctrine well. 

 This time I took him with me and he helped me as we traveled with the heavy boxes of bibles and other luggage. We had four boxes full of bibles. 

  WE left Entebbe at 6am by a taxi [16 passenger van"  by 7am we were in Kampala "capital city" taxi park,  We then took another taxi to Tororo. We arrived at the taxi stage in Tororo safely with all the boxes of bibles and our other luggage at 3pm. From there, we took again a boda-boda to the venue in Nabiyoga village trading center /village town community hall. An hour ride on a boda-boda about 20mile from the taxi stage on a village dusty road. 

At 4pm we arrived at the conference and we were welcomed with great joy . The last session was still going on as they were waiting for our arrival. 

 Right away I was invited to say Hello and close the conference with a prayer. First day was a real success. The turn out was good with 120 participant . And they received the teaching with joy and willingness to change their ways and follow the truth. 


 We were then taken to one of the pastor's home where they had prepared for us a village Hut as our accommodation. One of the houses had no door shutter so we had to use one of the mosquito nets to hold the door shut.

Jan Our accomodation in Nabiyoga during the conference1.jpg

Rated FOUR STAR in the village

  On our second day, the conference was even more wonderful, started at 9am right in time and that number of participants were increasing every day and all the pastor and leaders were testifying how BFU ministry impacted their local village churches and the church leaders. BFU conference is very unique and has improved a lot in their knowledge of the truth of God's word, something which is taking many  churches and their leaders back to the true fundamental doctrine and setting of the early church of Jesus Christ. 

 The pastors from the 4 sub-counties where we held the first conferences in 2016 testify about the unusual unity of the churches as a result of the teachings they received. Church leaders like pastors, overseers and bishops from different denominations  had never come together in one teaching conference.  But BFU has taught them to support their own ministries through local contributions of the little things they have and never be persuaded to to treat visiting Bishops as if they are special and due a special reward for comming.

 On our third day, we received some of the most stubborn bishops and overseers who came after receiving a good report from their friends who had attended our second day teachings. They confessed and said that they have been opposing our operations and minimizing the so called BFU village missionary Bishop and his team because "they are just poor village people".  They recommended that this conference should continue to influence and persuade his fellow bishops and overseers to join this great move of revival that God is bringing in Adhola land, Tororo district. We then did the foot Washing and demonstrated the servant spirit in leadership as the bishops served food for their pastors and the pastors served their lower leaders.

Jan Bishop Bita in foot watching.jpg
Jan Pastor Ofwono Victor. foot washing.jpg

 The number grew so big that we had to get a PA system to boost our voices in order for everyone to hear our message. Participants came from seven sub-counties.

 On the 4th day we continue to receive new faces of leaders who were joining the conference after hearing the good report. Many fake pastors could steal from them many times, but now they know the truth,  None of those imposters came. 

 On our final day, we did praying for the sick and bibles drive.  After handling teaching sessions in the morning and each one of our team giving their final remarks, we then  did the Bible drive in the afternoon after lunch in the midst of great happiness, joy and heartfelt gratefulness for the gift of brand new bibles.

Jan Bishop deostrates humility and love by serving food to the pastors.1.jpg

Bishop Bita serving food

Jan Bishop Bita teaching (2).JPG

Bishop Bita teaching

Jan Pr Katandi and pr Ochowo in a praising moment..JPG

Praising the Lord for his goodness

Bibles ready.jpg
Bibles redy for distribution. .jpg
Jan Distribution Moment with grat joy.1.JPG

Bible distribution

 This is their most needed working tool as gospel ministers, yet the situation does not allow them to buy one because of their poverty. One native language Bible costs more than a week's earnings---15 dollars U.S./50,000 in Uganda Schillings. I explained to them about the donors and the great gift of 100 bibles-----1500 dollars U.S/ five million Uganda Schillings. Before we closed the conference, a bishop who was chosen to speak on behalf of all the pastors stood up and pleaded with us to take another conference like this into  Tororo (west Budama) before long. They came up with a vision of making this gospel and revival to cover the whole of Tororo through very serious combinations and mobilization with other pastors. They then prayed for our team, we closed the conference at 4pm and then started our journey safely back home. 

Jan BFU team praying for the village pastors..jpg

prayer for the B.F.U. team

Jan Mission accomplished, setting off from Nabiyoga..jpg


Pastor Katandi and Ochwo rode on a boda-boda 50miles back to Namayingo. Me and pastor Peter, also started on a boda-boda to the taxi stage, then boarded a taxi safely to Entebbe. 

Jan Ariving in at Tororo taxi stage after a long dusty boda-boda ride..jpg


Special thanks goes to you all our donors. May God bless and continue to provide for you always. 

 Raytown Baptists--------You are the reason for this great success. 

 Bishop Bita James Oloo.

Jan Bible recipients.5.JPG
Bible recipients.1.JPG
Bible recipients.2.JPG
Bishop Bita James Oloo

Bishop Bita James Oloo

Bishop Bita James Oloo B.F.U----Uganda