Typhoid no more

          The Sawyer water filter is famous throughout world because of it's unique ability to filter contaminated water to the viral level. Typhoid fever is a persistent threat to life in the Third World, especially to children. The Sawyer water filter converts contaminated water into clean, clear, healthy water to the volume of 150 gallons per day. This filter has a life expectancy of one million liters of clean water. An occasional back-flush readies the filter to take on more and more questionable water. Our donors purchased three Sawyer Filters to be used in Lusenke Kyunga and Bukedea Uganda.

Assembling the amazing Sawyer bucket filter.

Sawyer completed in a matter of minutes. Delicious clean, clear water flows for personal use to the Bita family and another will be assembled to a forty gallon barrel for use to the School and community.

sawyer to robert.JPG

Sawyer water filter system presented to Pastor Okurut Robert for use in remote Bukedea for Church and community use. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of clean water into the foreseeable future.