Namasiga Village, Bugobia Parish, Busede sub-county, Magamaga
Jinja district NTFI/BFU June conference.

          Am very sorry for the delay of this report, its due to the failure of my laptop. The laptop broke down and I have tried the best I can, took it to diferent experts but all in vain.I started my journey after attending a Sunday morning church service on 25th June. After the Church service, the elders and all church members joined in prayers for me. I then set off on a boda- boda [motor bike transport] from continue with my Journey to Busede because I had to get money from the bank on Monday morning, So I spend the night at pastor Ali's house.

          Pastor Okurut Robert also traveled in a bus from Bukedea to Magamaga, then Pr. Ochwo William Micah joined him at Magamaga. Ochwo Micah is one of our commited pastors from Bugiri district. From the first time he attended
our conference in Pamaraka, because of the great teaching on the New Testament Christianity, he decided to follow us wherever our teaching conference is.  The two then boarded one boda boda [motor bike] up to the venue in Namasiga Village, Bugobia Parish, Busede sub-county, Magamaga Jinja district. They were received with great Joy by Pr. James (one of the organizing pastors) together with the hosting Pastor [Pr. Engonza). That evening, most of the members of the organizing team gathered at pastor James' house to recieve Pastors Robert and Micah. They spent over seven hours in serious prayer for our journey, mercies and success of the conferences, and fighting against every demonic spirit that might rise up in our midst.

          On Monday morning, I went to the bank very early,and then boaded a taxi from Jinja to Magamaga. Pastor Katandi joined me from Namayingo at the taxi stage around mid-day and we boarded one boda-boda {motor bike}  to the venue. Pastor Joshua also arrived a few minutes after us. We found when the conference had started at the agreed time of 9:00 am with Pr. Okurut Robert being the first speaker. After making a detailed introduction and full information about NTFI/BFU, he taught on the "ELECT" topic.
Attendance was good with over 70 pastors/ elders in the morning session of our first day. The class was very attentive. They loved he elect lesson.  Many questions were asked and was all answered best with the scriptures. After our lunch break, I handled a topic on the "QUALIFICATION OF A TRUE LEADER" based on 1Timothy chapter 3. Evey one was so blessed with the teaching and we had again many questions and a great experience as our teachings were recieved with great joy. We then closed our first day at 4pm because most of the people moved on foot, many miles away and they had to walk back before it gets dark. That marked the end of day one.

june Bishop Bita teaching (1).JPG

Bishop Bita teaching, Pastor Okurut Robert [white jacket] -----long time Pastor with B.F.U.

          After the whole night of prayer, our second day started well. The meeting began on time and the attendance was about 90 participants compared to the first day which was about 70 participants. The spirit of the Lord moved again seriously, the class was very engaged. Pr. Katandi Hillary and Pr. Joshua [from Kampala] talked in the morning then Pastor Alli shared great testimonies on how Bishop Bita's teaching, lifestyle and the entire ministry of BFU has benefited him materially and spiritually and how his ministry has been lifted by the Lord. He also led us in powerful worship moment. And Myself [Bita] taught in the evening. The atmosphere was good, the class was lively, and very enthusiastic. The numbers between the Pastors and other leaders was 50 -50, food was always served on time, and all people including Bishops stayed the whole day from the beginning of the lessons up to the end. We taught much about the culture of the new testament church in comparison to the many false doctrines others teach today.

           On our third day, it was even more wonderful, the number of participants increased to 100 plus and new faces would emerge after hearing and finding out from their colleagues about our teachings. The organization
was timely and good eg. Time (it was only Muzungu time throughout [correct time], programming, meals, everything was very smooth. Many Questions were raised and pastors opened up to talk about their differences in doctrine, administration and day to day practices of their ministries. Reconciliations were made and they assured us that it's God who sent BFU ministers to them, to reconcile the churches. Many people including prominent men of Kampala have been coming to their villages but they have never been able to bring the church together as we have done this time around. They also confessed that they have been accusing one another over many doctrinal differences due to lack of understanding on God's word. Team work has never been an issue to them because every denomination controls all the people under it and their bishop is boss. He has all authority to every teaching in all the churches under him.  We found a bishop who oversees over ten churches of his denomination. He teaches his churches that "eating pork is a serious sin" because it is one of the unclean animals which God commanded his people [Israel"] not to eat. They believe that who ever eats pork will go to hell.

           It took us really a good time taking a keen look on the scriptures as we handled New Testament Christianity and the Old Testament LAW. We are saved by GRACE through our faith in Christ [Eph 2:8-9]. I am glad to let you know that after this session, many questions were raised and after answering them all through the scriptures, these leaders, including their bishop accepted the truth. They later told us that because they
didn't know this truth, there was a preacher who came from Kenya long time back who taught them this doctrine "eating pork is a sin".

           Denominations have caused great divisions among churches,Pastors, Church leaders/elders from different denominations refuse to work together at all. So we took time teaching them about the Unity of the
New Testament Church as one body of Jesus Christ and every local Church is a member of this one body. We took them into a keen look at the scriptures to get a deep understanding on this matter.
We then closed our day in great joy and right in time to allow our dear pastors to walk longs distances back home and have enough time to prepare for the next day.

june Bishop Bita teaching (2).JPG

Bishop Bita addressing questions on doctrine.

           We had discussion moments with only pastors and bishops every evening after eating super, before we go to bed. In this discussion, we encourage them to ask questions and then we answer using the scriptures as our faithful guide. We also discussed many other different important issues. "Doctrine in Uganda is like a western omelette----- some of this, some of that folded in and most from the West.

           The fourth day was another wonderful day all together. The conference continued very well. We never had any interruptions; new faces still appeared and we continued receiving testimonies that good
information had circulated into the villages concerning our teaching and many pastors who were not familiar with us also came. There was over 150 participants. Most of them confessed that when they looked at us, just our humble appearance alone demoralized them. We arrived on boda-bodas covered with dust from the dirt roads, plainly dressed and walking by foot.  They saw a small crippled man the Pastors called "Bishop" rather than the tall, distinguished, holy looking "men of God" accompanied by an impressive entourage arriving in nice automobiles. A second good look revealed no such thing. When we began to speak, they realized that someone BIG [omunene] was behind us -------the Lord our God!

          Most of these people were not in our ground work meeting where we discussed and agreed with the pastors who were present, to use the bible and clothing funds to buy food and help save the lives of our fellow
brethren who were starving in the distant villages
due to the long drought that resulted in deadly famine in Uganda.  I presented to them the report on how we bought food and supplies in Bukimbi and the neighboring communities (Namayingo district) through pastor Katandi Hillary, Bukedea through pastor Okurut Robert, Osia village in Tororo district (my home village) through my mom who is a faithful member and leader of Osia Church and a great blessing to her community people through her son bishop Bita and Lusenke village through Lusenke Church of Jesus Christ. Lusenke Church has been a relief centre from the time my family came to Lusenke several years ago. Through the great donations of our dear donors, we have been a great blessing to the people of Lusenke and the neibouring communities. We were able to help over 70 families with maize flour/posho. During that terrible season of hunger, a family of three to five members could survive on 5kgs of posho for a whole week. They could prepare porridge and serve one cup for each person daily, just to keep them alive.

Bishop Bita in a group photo as pastor Katandi distributes the posho.12.JPG

Pastor Kitandi distributing posha to needy people.

Bishop Bita arives in Namayingo with bags of posho.1.JPG

Bishop Bita setting off for Namayingo with posha for the hungry----riding on the back of a boda boda.

Hungry children and some church members watching Pr. Opure Alex distributing flour.jpg

Bukedea village people gather for food distribution by Pastor Okurut Robert.

Grand mother (Mary) about 80years of age getting up to take her bag of food. She never expected to have anything to eat. She expressed her happiness by walking from her home to brother Oluka Henry’s home where foo.jpg

Elderly village woman awaits distribution of food in a village of Bukedea which was hard struck by drought resulting in serious famine.

       Pastor and Mrs. Hillary Katandi



Pastor and Mrs. Hillary Katandi

Pastor and Mrs. Hillary Kitandi

june Pastor Katandi middle(white shirt), mrs Katandi in a head covering and the children under their care. 1.jpg

Pastor and Mrs. Hillary Kitandi hosting eleven children. These are starving children from around the territory in which they live. The village moms were dropping them off at Kitandi's home because they could no longer feed them. Mrs. Kitandi [purple blouse] has no children of her own. She now has eleven and is so thrilled to have them. She treats them as if they were her own. For her, God has turned famine and hunger into great wealth. The children love Pastor and Mrs. They have enough because of donors from B.F.U.

          This report touched every one's heart in the conference, the bishops who were present felt so challenged including everyone else. They could not imagine such a great report. All pastors/leaders wish all their bishops could be concerned about their people and members of their poor and starving churches like NTFI/BFU ministry. Many preachers go to the poor, in even the poorest of the poor villages to take away even
the little they have. Their preaching, village prayer for the sick and all isues must be paid to their overseers to perform duties of mercy for these poor village christians. Many times the village Saints refuse to host them because they can't afford the cost of hosting greedy overseers. BFU's missionary team is one of the few ministries who penetrate remote villages with the gospel, free of charge. "Giving" to help the needy instead of taking from them.
We then carried on with the teaching session and the gospel was received with much joy by all. The day was such a great one. Before we closed, we had a deep moment of serious prayers together. We then closed in great joy.

june Listening atentively..JPG

Attendees listening attentively to a local Pastor.

           On our last day which was Friday 30th June, The meeting started on time (9:00am), with a powerful moment of praise and worship,The first part of the morning I taught a topic on praying for the sick according to the New Testament church. After teaching we did a demonstration. The elders lay their hands on the sick as they prayed for them afterfirst anointing them with oil. Not special and expensive oil from Israel as other preachers insist, but available oil, as long as it is not harmful to the skin.

Praying for the sick according to the New Testament--- James 5:14, "any sick among you, call for the elders of the Church, anoint the sick with oil and pray the prayer of faith".

Joshua taught on" foot washing". He did a great teaching based on a very clear interpretation of the scriptures. Some of them had some strange ideas about foot washing. Their teachers told them that foot watching delivers you from all kind of misfortune and bad luck and it also takes away all kind of curses and you become a blessed and successful person. They were also taught that there is a "special" anointing oil and there are "special people with special anointing" to make others well, or heal the sick. This took us some time to explain but they finally understood. Then we proceeded with a demonstration on foot watching in which we chose the bishops and overseers to wash the feet of humble and lowly servants of the Lord. We received love offerings from the people, as they brought for us fresh maize, beans, p-nuts and mangoes, done with much happiness. They wished us to come back and teach about families and more on New Testament Christianity. Everything was good from beginning to end. Bishops/pastors and all other leaders were very, very happy. Before we ended the conference we again had a great moment of prayer; BFU missionary team prayed for the dear village team and then the village pastor's team also prayed for us on behalf of the entire ministry of NTFI/BFU.




Bishop Bita demonstrating foot washing.





Pastors and Elders praying for the B.F.U. team

All of these people now prepare for departure. Bishop Bita tan jacket, white shirt.


        We then closed our final day conference and started our journey on boda-boda to Magamaga, then Pastor Okurut Robert continued safely to Bekedea on taxi [16 passenger van], Pastor Katandi Hillary back to Namayingo and Ochwo Micah to Bugiri, Pastor Joshua also traveled safely back to Kampala [capital city]. I too had a safe journey back to my home in Lusenke.

june Mission accomplished, time to set off from the village (2).JPG

Mission accomplished----time to begin that arduous trip home. Bita, Kitandi, and boda driver

           Thank you so much for all the support, spiritually, physically and financially. Our regards to all the board members donors and well wishers. May the almighty God bless you and reward you greatly for making BFU
operations a success every time. You will always remain in the hearts of our pastors, church leaders, members and all the members of our poor village communities in Uganda. Bishop Bita James Oloo (Jimmy).