Mission Statement

            Our mission is to distribute native language Bibles to Church leaders in the remote villages of Uganda where missionaries do not travel. Our goal is to educate those leaders in sound basic Church doctrine and to warn them of the many errors and heresies that have been brought to Africa from the West. 

About Us

            At New Testament Fellowship International/Bibles for Uganda our mission is first and foremost the distribution of quality native language Bibles into the hands of remote village Church leaders whose own Bibles are old and delapidated beyond practical use. Recipients must be able to demonstrate an ability to read the Bible they receive in one of the six languages we have available to us. Each leader must attend a three to five day conference for teaching in orthodox first century Christianity. We also assist with many many local needs as they come to our attention. We hold to the doctrine of Eternal Salvation through the shed blood of God's only son----Jesus Christ, and that salvation is granted freely by Grace through Faith in the risen Christ according to Ephesians 2:8-9. Everyone associated with N.T.F.I/B.F.U is a volunteer and receives no salary or compensation whatsoever. All donations go directly into the purchase and distribution of native language Bibles. All operating expenses are absorbed by the Chairman of the Board and co-founder of the organization. We post and update all of our missions through this web-site as they develop.

Danny McDowell -----chairman/co-founder