Namayingo groundwork

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sijagajo Village, Buswale Sub County, Namayingo district. May Conference ground work mission report.

        I started my ground work trip from Lusenke on Saturday morning at 4:00am with a taxi which leaves from Lusenke to Kampala every morning at 4am. It dropped me in Kayunga then I took another taxi to Jinja and
another one from Jinja to Bugiri. I then took a boda-boda [motor bike transport] from Bugiri to Madowa Pentecostal church house in Madowa village, Buswale Sub County where we had the ground work meeting with the team of organizing pastors.
       I arrived at around mid-day and was welcomed with great joy by some pastors who had already arrived for the meeting. I was taken for lunch in a nearby village restaurant and we enjoyed a typical village meal in a real village style. After lunch, we went back and start our meeting at half past 1pm. Organizing/hosting team are pastors and church leaders from many village churches in various sub counties of Namayingo district, where we  been holding our BFU conferences.

       This team have already been having a planning meeting like this for three times and they have been discussing quite a number of Issues like;
1.      Electing the executive committee,
2.      Contribution of food for the conference.
3.      Venue.
4.      Schedule of the Conference and other issues.
       The chairman of the organizing committee, after officially opening our meeting with a prayer, He communicated with us in detail of the great impact that NTFI/BFU. Many village churches, pastors and church leaders have benefited from our distribution of bibles. Many churches in Namayingo district have been blessed with at least two or more bibles from BFU, which is a great blessing/ impact to the Church. He also talked about our teaching and trainings based on truth of God’s word, something which has brought about a great knowledge and understanding of God’s true word to Churches in this district. The teachings has opened the eyes of many leaders towards the truth and they have gained boldness to teach and practice the same and to oppose false teachings/manipulations. He communicated a special appreciation on behalf of all the pastors, churches and church leaders from wherever the BFU conference have been as well as our next conference in their place.
        I was then invited to talk, I share with them again in detail about N.T.F.I/B.F.U., our donors, and how we get them. Since most of the members in the meeting already know how we always organize BFU conference and what it takes to host,

1.We went on to agree on the date. Which we chose to be Tuesday 26th MaySaturday 30th.

2. The venue will be at Sijagajo village church house in Buswale Sub County.
3. It is a planting season where by food is scarce in the villages, but the team is so committed to contribute and mobilize for food until they get enough food for the conference.  We had a heavy down pour soon after we began our meeting. So we had only those who had already arrived.

4. We then closed our meeting at 5:30pm. I boarded a boda-boda [motor bike transport] back to Bugiri, but the road was so muddy and slippery due to the heavy rain and we had to ride very slow. By the time I reached Bugiri, it was already dark. I boarded a taxi [16 passenger van] from Bugiri to Jinja but it was too late for me to continue with journey. So I spend a night at my friend’s place in Jinja. He is called Pastor Ali Mukembo.

       Sunday Morning, I went to fellowship  with my friend in their Sunday morning Church service in Jinja. It was so good speaking to the Church and the Church  was very happy to host me. I then traveled safely back to Lusenke. I found Regina and the kids all fine. Regina gave me a great report about this Sunday morning service.  The church house was almost full this Sunday having many new faces from within Lusenke village and some people who came to visit from the nearby churches. Children were over 80 in number. children always make the biggest portion in the Sunday services.  The service was so great and every one enjoyed it.


Sijagajo Namayingo Uganda

May conference 2015

           We had a good night and the conference has started already this morning. The phone and internet network is not good over here. That is why the call was not clear last night. The journey was not easy as I was trying to tell you yesterday. I traveled safely with my luggage on a boda- boda from Lusenke [home] to Kayunga [town center] where I boarded a taxi to Jinja [large town, mouth of the Nile]. Then another taxi to Bugiri. But when I arrived in Bugiri, my big polethene bag which was packed with the shirts and dresses which we were taking to give to the pastors/leaders and their wives was missing. The taxi conductor had no answer for us as to what happened to the large travel bag full of clothes that we had purchased in Kampala intended for poor Pastors and their wives. It had simply vanished with little hope of ever recovering it. I will return to Kampala on Friday to re-purchase more clothing so that we may fulfill our vow.
          Joshua boarded direct from Kampala, so we met in Bugiri so that we may take boda-boda [motor-bike] to venue (Sijagajo Namayingo district). We finally took boda-bodas to the venue together, Joshua with all our remaining stuffs.
           While we were in the middle of the journey, one of our boda-boda which was carrying the boxes of bibles and other stuffs got a flat tire. As we were still fixing the tire, the rain started pouring heavily. We had to find shelter in a small mud house, a certain small home by the road side. Then afterward we continued with the journey safely to the venue.

flat tire plus rain

tire fixed----time to reload and be on our way-----someone doesn't want us to get these Bibles to their predestined owners

another disruption--------removing mud from the tire so we can be on our way

Boda Bishop arrives

Bishop Pastor Bita arrives around 8 PM after an exhausting journey, lost clothing, flat tire, rain and bad roads and sporting a great smile

this boda driver wishes he had never taken on this task

          We arrived about 8:30 PM. Many Pastors we found waiting for us. They had earnestly been praying for us as we communicated with them by phone regarding the challenges we had faced along the way. Our morning session went well with a light turnout as expected for the first day----about 45. We expect nearly 200 the following day and were not disappointed. I must leave very early on Friday morning to return to Kampala to re-purchase the clothing that had been lost/stolen on our journey. Such is commonplace in a poor nation like Uganda. Will add more to this report tomorrow. Son Jimmy


           On Thursday morning I handled a topic on GIVING according to the New Testament. In my sermon, I challenged them saying ‘’ the only means by which the New Testament church used to deal with poverty/need in the church is sharing with those in need as reported in Acts 4:32-37, 2cor 8:12-15.
 A chicken is the least possession which at least every one should afford to have in the village. But when ask to find out if there was any pastor/leader among us who had not even one chicken, there was more than 15  who had no chicken but the majority at least had one. I then asked if anyone was willing to give a chicken to those who lack so that we may demonstrate the New Testament way of giving. Many people were touched and on Saturday, with great joy brought six young hens which we gave to those who lacked chickens.

New Testament teaching on "giving"

Bicycle shopping


I then went to purchase the Bicycle and then proceeded in the journey of re-purchasing the clothes that were lost/stolen. I aimed at spending the night along the highway so that I may be able to connect to Kampala early in the morning on Friday. I was able to make it to Iganga town where I spent Thursday night in a motel room.

Pastor Joshua fills in

Pastor Mukisa Joshua fills in for Bishop Bita while Bita returns to Kampala to shop for replacement for lost clothing. Teaching on the importance of defending sound doctrine.

Friday morning, May 28

Bishop returns to Kampala clothing market to replace lost/stolen clothes.

 Friday morning, I connected with my friend pastor Ali and we traveled together to the clothing market. This time I got a better deal on good clothes, so I decided to purchase 20 blouses, 30 dresses and 40 shirts. I then traveled safely with the clothes back to the conference. I arrived during Lunch break prior to the afternoon session.

 back to the conference venue

Bishop Bita arrives at venue with replacement clothing.

Friday afternoon----more teaching on New Testament Christianity

Bicycle Presentation

and the winner issss????

The name of that pastor who received is Otenge David, He is the most flexible and humble pastor in the whole sub-county,he will do whatever it takes to ensure that the work of God is well done not only in the church which he pastors, but wherever he goes. He was elected by other pastors to do the coordination work in the sub-county pastors fellowship. So he was the chief coordinator in our conference.  I have seen this man many times in our different conferences. working as if he was the only one around. This time again he was the most common and active person at the conference. I could see him very busy at the kitchen, running on foot without even shoes to the nearby shops to buy whatever is needed,doing every cleaning work together with others, etc. I felt I need to know something about this guy. When I ask, everyone gave me a good report about him. And what touched me so much is to know that he had no bicycle yet he does a great work than those who have bicycles and boda-bodas.

 I just knew he was the rightful owner of the bicycle. On Friday afternoon, when I came back from the market,We decided to give out the bicycle, he knew nothing, So I called for the bicycle and Joshua brought it right in front of the people, then after explaining about the donor, I told them that the spirit has convicted me that the owner of this bicycle is non other than Pastor Otenge David. Every one was so happy  and agreed that indeed that was the spirit of God.
 We called for him but he had gone Buy some stuff at the shop they called for him and he came running with great joy. He received his gift with great joy and could not believe what was happening. He kept on holding my hands and tell me, ''thank you bishop,may god richly bless you'' whenever he could come close to me until we left after the conference. He gave me a gift of a big rooster. Son 

new owner---Otenge David-----chosen by the Conference Pastors and Elders

can't wait to get this thing home-----thanks [ donor] Phil, Evans Georgia, U.S.A.


Saturday----a very busy day

let's see if we can get some men involved in meal preparation

stirring the millet-----WARNING---this stuff is aweful. Brother Danny

nice to see men in the background for a change

Foot Washing

an important part of every conference

Bishops washing the feet of the Saints who humbly serve in the Church

Bishop Sanu Musa

Bishop Okello George

Bishop Bita James Oloo

Bishop Eduuli Timothy

If there are sick among you, call for the Elders of the Church

James 5:14-15
14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.


Elders anoint the sick with oil and pray the prayer of faith.

New Testament "prayer of faith"


women sorting through the clothes provided by BFU donor contributions

great looking shirts

sporting new shirts------our donors are the GREATEST

Preparing native language Bibles

           Missionaries of another organization have reported seeing Bible recipients selling their Bibles for a little money to survive on. At N.T.F.I./B.F.U we provide only native language Bibles and ensure that every recipient is well able to actually READ their new Bibles. All of our recipients are dedicated servants of the Lord. We stamp every Bible on the inside of the cover-------


Bibles in the Luganda language


a true New Testament Church-----gifts of attending Pastors and Elders


thanks giving in all things

re-enforce the lesson




Preparation to return home

Rooster says "I'm not sure about what happens next----could this be farewell?"

is there room for a refrigerator on there?

Mission Accomplished-----see you in September

f david.jpg

Thank you for viewing our site. We apologize that we cannot display the full 105 native Bible photos that we have because our site will simply not handle that much. Each donor will receive a forward of ALL photos of recipients. You will actually see your gift at work. Thank you, Danny McDowell and the entire board of Directors at N.T.F.I./B.F.U.



                                               from Bishop Pastor Bita


          That is bishop Timothy who traveled all the way from Balawuli (Kamuli district a very far distance). This time all this bishops apriciated the work which our ministry is doing in theirchurches. They confessed to me that they and their city bishops thought that BFU had come to this district to take over their village churches. But they have watched and observed our village conferences over the years in Namayingo district. They have always get good reports from their village pastors, leaders and individual church members who have benefited from BFU. Good reports about the great gifts and teachings we offer the poor village churches without compensation like others do. So they realized that they loosing/missing a great blessing by not being part of our programe. So now they have decided be part of every BFU programe in their area.
          Bishop Bwire who is a chairman of pastors fellowship in Namayingo district told me that like other bishops in the villages, he has been comissioned for a big resposibility but they are poor and strugling a lot to do the work of God. So he asked me not to forget the village bishops as well.
           Bishop Sanyu Musa told me that he loves our ministry so much because we teach the truth and have true caring heart. They are so blessed to host bp Bita, because many time they find it imposible to host their own bishops in the village. Hosting a bishop takes a lot of money that they can't afford. You have to raise a lot of money for bishop's car, rent a very nice hotel room in a neaby developed town, arrage for special meals e.t.c.  So he asked me to always spare some time and go to teach in their conferences, even before the time for the next BFU conference. Son Jimmy [Bishop Pastor Bita James Oloo]