Bududa District, Bukhika village, March 2017 mission





            I am so privileged to present to you this report on our march Mission Report.

            We traveled safely to Bududa on 27th Feb 2017. I started my journey very early in the morning taking with me the native bibles and the clothing we purchased with donor funds from B.F.U. I took a boda-boda [motorbike] to Kayunga [near my home], and then a taxi van to Jinja, another taxi to Mbale where I joined Pastor Robert Okurut from Bukedea and another pastor from Namayingo at 6:00 pm in Mbale. We then boarded another Taxi from Mbale to Bududa. It’s a long drive on a very rough village road about 50 miles from Mable town. On our way in that very old taxi van, it started raining and the window was leaking badly, window screen could not go up and we all got wet on the way. Thank God for my idea of wrapping the bible boxes and the clothes with a polythene paper and were not affected by rain.

           We arrived in Bukikha village in Bududa at 9:00 pm and were received with much joy by the team of pastors who were waiting for us from morning to that time. We were hosted in a village bishop’s house where we spent all the four nights of the conference.  In this house, we had the most challenging nights because of the flies which bite us seriously every night.

17 march Village pastors team praying for BFU missionary team after the conference.2.JPG

Earnest prayer for N.T.F.I/B.F.U. team

Host Bishop David's house where we stayed for four days

           This time pastor Joshua was not able to come to the conference with us because he had a serious problem at his church because the owner of the church house land sold the land to another person because Pastor Joshua was just renting that space where they build a temporary church structure. So when they were told about the land, they could not afford and so that is how it was sold to another person who told them to remove their church house immediately.  That was the week of the conference yet he had to supervise the braking down of the church house and look for another location/site.

          In the morning of Tuesday 28th, our conference started with some good number of people. We did a detailed introduction of our ministry (NTFI/BFU) and our doctrine (New Testament Christianity) during the morning session. Then in the afternoon, we did handle serious teaching on New Testament Christianity.  After the teachings, we told people that whoever may be having any question on what they have learned, should feel free to ask so that on the second day, we may begin with handling questions in the morning session. We wrote down many questions from the pastors including a bishop David who was our host and other leaders. As we went through the questions with my team (BFU missionary team) that evening before we went to sleep, we developed a serious doubt if these village pastors and church leaders really understand what "salvation" really is and If anyone has ever preached to them the true gospel of salvation. On Wednesday before I continued with any other topic, we had a session of answering all the questions. We answered each question on the scriptures and explain very well the salvation by grace through our faith in Christ and from the cross, "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God"(Ephesians 2:8).

Serious teaching session----Bishop Bita [N.T.I.F. tee shirt] and interpreter

          The reaction of the pastor/ leaders was not good at all. They had never been taught the truth. And we found out that they are so ignorant about God’s word that they don’t even have the most basic knowledge of Christianity. All that they know and follow; is their Culture and traditions and the Old Testament LAWS. Some of them even got furious and walked away from our conference that day, accusing us of bringing false teaching in their community churches. We had a real difficult time to figure out what to do next. That evening again before we went to bed, we asked the Holy Spirit in serious prayers for guidance and to give us new directions on how and what to teach, because we realize that our lessons are too mature for these people to understand.

           God answered our prayers and the Holy Spirit gave us a way forward. From Thursday which was our 3rd day, we taught simple and basic lesson on salvation. Many of them understood and loved the teaching. Some even gave their life to Christ after understanding the word and others who walked away also came back after receiving a good report from their friends. They were very happy to know how God loved his people, how Christ paid the price for our redemption, how he delivered us from the curse of the LAW, how Christ makes us new persons/ creatures when we invite him into our lives and live in him and many other good news. We had great moments in prayer to God for the total salvation of Bududa land. The rest of the days went on very well and we distributed the clothes and bibles in great joy and praises to God. We gave out 70 pieces of clothes and 40 native language bibles. Most of the people who attended our conference can read and write, but most of them did not have bibles except very few who had old and dilapidated bibles. Their gift of brand new bibles with leather zipper cover is a very special tool and special blessing for them. They told me to send their much and special appreciation to our dear donors who gave them these gifts.

Bishop Bita teaching the message on "salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus and not by works of the flesh".

17 march Pastor Rbert teaching..JPG

Pastor Okurut Robert teaching. A long time friend of our ministry------a local Pastor from the Bukedea area.

17 march Clothes ready for distribution..JPG

Preparation of clothing, provided by funds donated by N.T.F.I. donors from U.S.A. and the U.K.

17 march With great hapiness getting the clothes.12.JPG

           Time was short for us but we realized what a great impact in the spiritual life of the these as a result of our teaching conference.  

Native language Bibles ready for distribution-----fourty in all.

Recipieent and photo of donor.

17 march lady 3.JPG
17 march lady.JPG

Pastors Okurut [orange] and Kitandi with Bible recipients.

           After the bibles drive on Saturday afternoon, we started our journey back. We took boda-bodas from Bukhika to Bududa town where, then took a taxi to Mbale town. PR Okurut then took another taxi back to Bukedea, Pastor Katandi also took a taxi to Tororo where he spend the night at his friend’s home because it was already getting to late. He then proceeded back to Namayingo on Sunday morning. I also took a taxi from Mbale to Jinja where spend the night and proceeded in another taxi to Kayunga and then on boda-boda to Lusenke.

           I found when my little son Enoch had been very sick for a whole week but thanks to God that after taking him to good hospital, he is now fine. I have been receiving phone calls from the pastors in Bududa with wonderful testimonies on how the conference caused a great impact in their lives and their Churches.

           May the God lord bless you all; our dear board members especially our dear Brother Danny chairman board of directors.

 Bishop pastor Bita James Oloo (Jimmy).

Some more photos.

Crying out to the Lord for deliverance from Cultural superstitions and false doctrines.

17 march Free wll offering at the conference.JPG

Free will offering

African rain------flooded street following many months of drought across Uganda.

17 march Lunch time.12.JPG

Wholesome African lunch

17 march Rain stoped, arraging to resume the conference..JPG

After the rain.

17 march The Church house wthout the roof.11.JPG

A new Church-house being constructed. A typical Village Church-house where the Gospel will be preached.

Giving thanks to God for his provision. No funds of any amount is ever received buy N.T.F.I. team members. All offerings support the local Church.