Bibles for Uganda was founded by Danny McDowell and Pastor Bita James Oloo (Jimmy) in 2011. In the summer of 2011, Jimmy,  who is Danny's adopted son, sent Danny a heart wrenching photo of a village pastor's Bible. The Bible no longer had a cover, and pages were missing and tattered. Unfortunately, many Bibles in the villages of Uganda are in similar condition. Many times they are shared with other pastors and Church leaders. Jimmy's plea was simple: "Dad, this pastor wants to know if there is anyone in America who could provide him with a new Bible." That was the beginning of Bibles for Uganda, a ministry of New Testament Fellowship International.

            Unsure of how to proceed, Danny approached a local pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Virginia, for advice and was able to share Jimmy's story with the church. Inspired by Jimmy's powerful story, the church started collecting funds here and there to go toward the purchase of native-language Bibles for village pastors in Uganda. With help from the church and many individuals, Danny was able to purchase 200 native-language Bibles upon arrival in Uganda. Danny and Jimmy then worked together to distribute the Bibles on a mission trip into rural Uganda. 

            Today, through quarterly mission trips into rural Uganda, "Bibles for Uganda" has distributed more than 1,000 native-language Bibles to engaged Christians throughout the country. In addition to their work distributing Bibles, "Bibles for Uganda" has also been able to provide housing, medical care, planting seed and grain, livestock, and other assistance to villages in Uganda. For more information on past, present, and future projects at "Bibles for Uganda", and to become involved, review our site and visit our "Participate" page by clicking on "Participate" below. To inquire of our work just click on "contact" below.

Pastor Bita James Oloo

Pastor Bita James Oloo

            Bita James Oloo (called Jimmy by family and friends) is a business owner and pastor from Entebbe, Uganda. He is married to Regina and has twins, Dorothy and Burcham.  Every three months, Jimmy closes his electronics repair shop for a week or more so that he can complete a mission. He receives no money for his efforts with "Bibles for Uganda" but instead, is driven purely by his love of God and desire to serve. At the end of each mission, Jimmy sends a full report and photographs to share in our "Missions Archive". Jimmy distributes 100 native language Bibles at each quarterly conference.


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