September, 2016 Conference

Kirewa sub-county, Nyakalyech village, Tororo district, eastern Uganda September conference mission report.


         I am so privileged to present to you the report of Our Kirewa
September conference.

Assemblies of God church-house-----our venue.

Accommodations for B.F.U. team

          Our September conference was a great success. We had wonderful moments of great teachings on New Testament Christianity, handling many different important topics and distributed the wonderful gifts of
Bibles, Reading glasses and clothing to pastors and church leaders who attended/participated in our five day conference. Everything was done and received with much joy and gratefulness of heart. This time we were able to get 53 bibles, a bundle of 100 pieces of clothes and 25 Reading glasses.
           Appreciation and many blessings to all our September donors, including the donor of my new orthopedic shoes. I was able to minister with much ease this time using my new pair of shoes. This donor is from rural North Carolina, U.S.A.

sept 2016 My new pairs of choes.1.JPG

New pairs of orthopedic shoes for Bishop Bita

Blessings also to our dear donor who saved the life of Margret, a poor village girl who was suffering with a terrible eye illness.

Sad little Margaret and her mom

after the eye surgery

blind----Margaret progress.JPG

Margaret will receive her new prosthetic eye in about three months. She is soooo happy

           September was a great blessing indeed to NTFI/BFU ministry. We started our journey on Sunday 18th in the morning; I traveled on my motor-bicycle to Jinja where I had to get the clothes from Pastor Ali’s house. He helps us always to do the purchasing of the clothes, so I keep them in his house, to avoid that difficult movement of the clothes to Lusenke and then bring back to Jinja to proceed to Tororo in time for the conference.The weather was too bad for me to board a taxi and continue with my journey to Tororo. So I had to spend the night at my friend pastor Ali’s house then on eastward to Tororo.
           Because of the long distance from the paved high way to Kirewa (conference venue), I asked pastor Katandi to hire a boda-boda. I gave him the money to hire a boda-boda [[motor-bike] which was in a good mechanical condition, to pay for five days, So pastor Katandi was able to ride safely direct to Kirewa from Namayingo on Sunday. It was for our benefit that he arrived early enough.
           On Monday morning, I boarded a taxi from Jinja [near the Nile]  with my luggage including the bundle of over 100 pieces of shirts and blouses. I arrived safely in Tororo town at around 9:00am, after meeting with
Margret [the little blind girl] and her mother briefly and gave them transport funds to help them travel back to Kayunga, because Margret had been discharged from the hospital that morning. I boarded a boda-boda to Nagongera, about 20 miles. Pastor Katandi rode our hired boda-boda from Kirewa early in the morning and was already waiting for me at Nagongera. When I reached Nagongera, pastor Katandi rode with me to Kirewa, about 15 miles. We arrived at the conference at 11:00am and were received with great joy. The conference had already started. Over 50 pastors/elders had already arrived from different village churches.
Joshua also joined us on Tuesday. Pastor Katandi picked him also using our hired boda-boda from the stage where the taxi van dropped him. He came with our boxes of bibles.

          We had a team of pastors and church leaders who joined the conference from Mwelo and Mulanda where we had our March and June conferences, we also had two other pastors who came from Bugiri district, one pastor joined us from Wakiso district (PR Fred who attended our conference about five years back) and pastor Dede from Osia village (my home village). Our conference venue was the Pentecostal Assemblies of God church house of Panyalyech village, Kirewa sub-county, Tororo district. Our conference went on very well. The number increased from 50 on the first day to 150 on the second day including three bishops. We had
over 200 people on the fourth day and fifth day as the news about the sound teachings of BFU continued to spread,

organizing Pastors

           The first miracle/impact these people realized was the unity of different pastors, bishops and church elders who came in big numbers from different church denominations. Different pastors including the bishops who got saved over 40 years back and have been in active service as church leaders for over 30 years, recognized and testified that such unity had never happened before. So BFU is the first ministry to unite and teach sound doctrine of the New Testament Christianity to the church leaders greatly like this in Padhola land. Every one of them believes that God has sent NTFI/BFU to revive their land spiritually. They told me that God has given them Bishop Bita as their village bishop of Padhola churches and I should accept BFU team to teach and train them in the true word of God until they can adequately qualify for God’s true service.
          We then had wonderful moments of teaching, answering and taking questions and searching the scriptures through the days and did the distribution of Clothes and reading glasses on our fourth day. The gifts were received with great joy and appreciation. Many of them put on their shirts and blouses right away because they were of a very good quality and so nice and they were so excited as well.   Reading glasses too was great remedy to many people who had lost their reading sight for good number of years. They were surprised to see the letters bold and clear using their new reading glasses (muzungu magic----white man magic].

Bishop Bita teaching

sept 2016 Pr Katandi teaching..JPG

Kitandi teaching through interpreter. We are so fortunate to have ministers speaking six languages.

Some who received reading glasses with their new native language Bibles.

           On Friday, our last day, everyone looked very smart in their new clothes and all of us were filled with great joy. We then did the bible drive, foot washing and praying for the sick. It was another moment of great joy, songs of praise and sweet trills of the village church women ministers.
Bishop Bita James Oloo (Ji

sept 2016 Opening the bandle of clothes at the conference..JPG

Preparing for distribution of clothes

Sorting through clothing.

Those who received clothing.

sept 2016 Bishop Bita with the bible recipients..JPG

Brand new native language Bibles.

sept 2016 Praying for the sick (1).JPG
sept 2016 Praying for the sick (3).JPG

Elders anointing the sick with oil, praying the prayer of faith according to the book of James.

James 5:14-15
14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

Bishops wash the feet of those who labor in the Church. Bishop Bita in photo,

Bishop Onyango washing the feet of an elderly woman in the Church.

sept 2016 Explaining about the donations.1.JPG

Bishop Bita explaining how Bibles for Uganda is funded. Every recipient is provided a photo of their donor.

Another B.F.U. donor. This donor also provided a Sawyer Water Filter which filters down to the viral level which eliminates the cause of Typhoid.

Sawyer bucket and filter. Each filter has a life of one million liters of clean water-----it only needs to be back-flushed with clean water from time to time and it is back to work saving lives.


Just a few of the 53 recipients of new native language Bibles

sept 2016 1.JPG
sept 2016 5.JPG



Part 2---September conference


            So glad to present more report on our ministry. Soon after the bible drive, we were prayed for by the pastors on behalf of our native pastors, as well as B.F.U and American donors. They send their special appreciation and much regards to our board of directors, all donors and everyone who wishes well and prays for BFU ministry. May the almighty God richly bless and reward you all for your great love, special donations and every effort you give us, your
fellow brothers and ministers in Christ from the poor dark villages of another land. You are the reason for our encouragement in the lord’s great work and provision, we are very strong now in the lord and have known the truth of his love and his word through BFU. You have met our greatest needs with your gifts. These gifts are our much needed
working tools in God’s work.
           The entire village organizing pastors begged me to give them another opportunity to host the December conference. So that they may invite and involve many of their fellow bishops, pastors and church leaders
from all over Adhola land who have not had a chance of being part of these great revival conferences which God has brought to his village Churches of Tororo district (eastern Uganda).
           We then ended the conference and were sent off with much love in great joy.
           To all our donors and praying friends; May the good lord reward you abundantly for making BFU ministry a possibility in many different villages of Uganda. Since I came back from the conference, am receiving phone calls from many different pastors’ bishops, overseers and church leaders from different parts of Tororo district. Both those who have been taking part in our conferences and even those who did not take part but received the news from their friends. They are all telling me about the great impact which our conferences have brought to their churches, and are asking me to give them another opportunity to organize December conference.
 Bishop Bita James Oloo (Jimmy)