Namayingo, Buhemba sub-county, Bukimbi village, June BFU conference report.

Dad, I am happy to let you know that our Bukimbi conference was very successful though it started during a very difficult time when we lost mom in a fatal accident (Regina's mother, my in-law). We went for her burial on Monday 25th, Pastor Katandi joined us at the burial in Entebbe. He left as all the churches in the villages were praying earnestly for the conference and for my family.

Setting off from Bukimbi (Namayingo) mission accomplished..jpg

Public transportation——-Uganda style——no really! Bita and the finest boda driver in all of Africa.

Organizing team.jpg

Visiting speakers

We then left Entebbe very early on Tuesday morning, Pastor Katandi together with Pastor Kagimu who came from Wakiso district boarded direct to Namayingo from Kampala, the Capital of Uganda, while I traveled back to my home in Lusenke to collect the bibles and my stuffs. I then boarded a taxi van back to Jinja by the Nile and then another one to Musita taxi stage and then took a boda-boda [125 cc motorbike] 50 miles on dirt roads to Bukimbi village (conference venue). I arrived safely and found that Pastors Katandi and Kagimu arrived right on time. Pastor Ochwo William from Bugiri also came that day.

The village pastors team praying for BFU village missionery team on behalf of our June bibles donors.1.jpg

Prayer for the Conference

The first day of the conference began right on time and the turn out was quite good about 100 participants. Everything went on smoothly. And pastor who attended our conference when we went there with you many years back, were so happy and eager to receive our teachings again and expectant of getting Bibles as well. The team worked in the the good spirit of unity with each other. This village team was led by a team of more than 20 pastors each representing the particular church he leads. They worked together and did a good mobilization.

Bp Bita teaching.1.jpg
Bp Bita teaching.21.jpg
Bp Bita teaching.22.jpg

Bishop Pastor Bita James Oloo—-faithful teacher and leader in Bibles for Uganda for ten years. He has literally traveled thousands of miles, in rain, blistering drought, dusty and flooded roads to far reaching villages where other missionaries do not venture.

On our second day, the news had spread about the arrival of BFU team so we had bigger turnout and all the teaching sessions went so well. We had questions and answering sessions every day of the conference where we took them deep into the scriptures as we answered their questions which they were asking according to the different topics which we were teaching from the New Testament church sound doctrine (the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ). Many questions came from the topic of TITHING and Mt 24. The teachings were recieved with joy.

Bp Bita perchesings the bibles at the book stores in Kampala.1.jpg

Bishop Bita purchasing native language [Luganda] Bibles at our favorite book store in Kampala.

Bp Bita perchesings the bibles at the book stores in Kampala.2.jpg

We had enough food during the conference until the end and even had some left over of casava flour of about 30kgs. The number of those who attended increased up to 300 on the second to last and the last day. We could not be heard loud and clear, so we had to hire a simple P. A. system. Then everything went well. Food service was carried on by the pastors, every pastor who was at the conference participated in serving food. We agreed with all the pastors as a sign of love and humility and this being a true example of leadership by good example. Everyone was very happy and enjoyed this experience.

Lunch in progress.1.jpg
Lunch serving point.1.jpg
Lunch serving point.2.jpg

Pastors serving congregants.

Our conference continued succesfuly till the last when we did the Bible distribution. I was supposed to take 50 bibles to this conference but I didn't because luganda bibles were not enough on stock in Kampala. We made sure that every bible is labeled with NTFI/BFU stamp. I also took some good time explaining NTFI/BFU works and gets the funds. The pastors and everyone was so touched by my information about BFU, so they asked us to pray for us on behalf of the entire NTFI/BFU ministries and all donors before doing the bible drive/distribution. We then did the drive amidst great joy and gratefulness by recipient and non recipient alike.

Bp Bita explaining how BFU gets their fundings..jpg

Bita explains how B.F.U. is able to raise so much money for native language Bibles which we purchse at 15 U.S.D. each

Bibles ready for distribution..jpg

We then closed the conference in official moment of prayers, praise and Thanksgiving to God. We could not begin our journey that evening because it was already too late. We enjoyed ourselves again sleeping at Pastor Katandi’s house where my team was put up for all the nights during the conference. Then the following morning, we all traveled safely back to our respective. Dad, please may the Lord our God bless you so much for every sacrifice and effort you are putting into BFU. May the Lord bless, reward and protect all our donors. Son

Bible drive in progress.1.jpg
Bible drive in progress.2.jpg
Bible recipients..jpg


Bp Bita leads the village pastors team to serve food at the conference.1.jpg
Bp Bita leads the village pastors team to serve food at the conference.2.jpg

Pastors serving food

Group photo with Bp Bita.2.jpg

The Church of Jesus Christ in East Africa

Group photo with pastor Katandi..jpg

Pastor Katandi front and center

Pr Katandi lebaling every bible by stamping on each.1.jpg
Pr Katandi lebaling every bible by stamping on each.2.jpg

Katandi labeling every Bible

Pr Katandi teaching.2.jpg

Pastor Katandi teaching——-a solid man loved by all who know him and an asset to Bibles for Uganda

See you again in September—-2019

Danny McDowell, Board Chairman, New Testament Fellowship International, Evans Georgia, U.S.A.