Sad little village girl


The images portrayed in this page may be disturbing.


          About three weeks back, a woman came to our Church in Lusenke. She attended our Sunday morning church service, and after the service, she asked me to come to her home and pray for her sick daughter who is
suffering with eye sickness.
          The following day, I sent the church elders to go and pray for the girl. But when they came back they gave me a sad story about this woman and her daughter’s eye condition, asking me to go and see for myself.
           When I went to this woman’s house, I looked at her sick daughter and could not believe my eyes due to the condition this poor girl’s left eye was in. I prayed for the girl and then told the woman that the girl needs to be rushed to the hospital for medical help.
          The sick girl is called Achieng Margaret and the mother is Achieng Rose. When you look at Margaret’s eye for the first time, you may be startled. I asked her to tell me what happened to this girl. Then the mother began to tell me the story.
          The mother was happily married with her husband and having children as well. They were living in Namatogonya villages in Busana sub-county, until the day her daughter Margret woke up in the morning with her left eye swollen. The eye kept on swelling, pushing the eye outward. They took Margret to a nearby government hospital but the only help they got was some panadol tablets and eye drops. The eyeball got progressively worse and protruding even further as time passed. They tried also to go to a district government referral hospital but could not get help. Though the government hospitals in Uganda offer free medical services, they don’t always have medicines and patients have to buy medicines for themselves. After some good number of days when the eye was swollen out is when the mother sought prayer from the Church.

blind----Margrate's Mother (Rose) village rented hut..JPG

The village home of Margaret and her mom.

Achieng Margaret

          Due to a gracious donor from Augusta Georgia, U.S.A. we were able to take mom and daughter to Tororo to be seen by the best Ophthalmologist in East Africa. Achieng Margaret was admitted to the hospital and surgery was scheduled,

Achieng Margaret and her mom Achieng Rose, ready to travel to Tororo for neccessary surgery to remove the eye.

          This little girl has suffered much from relentless pain and embarrassment. She stopped talking and was overcome with sadness.

At the hospital in Tororo, smiling and happy, pain is gone, talking and active as it should be. After the the surgical wound heals, she will be fitted with an artificial eye.

Outside on the porch at the hospital, a very happy little girl.


UPDATE---September 20, 2016 ----Progress Report

         This is the miracle we have received from God. The eye has become completely different. Thank you and our dear donor David for the help. You can see how happy the girl is. She will be fitted with her new artificial eye in about three months. Son, Bishop Bita

Update, October 11, 201

 On Wednesday 5th last week, I managed to send Margret and her mother to the hospital for her doctor's review appointment on her eye.  Her doctor was very happy when he examined the eye. He said that her eye
is healing very well and is in a very good shape. She was given more home medicine to use until her nextappointment which will be in October. Dad, this girl is living a very happy life these days, she can now enjoy normal happy company of her fellow children who used to deny her from playing with them. even parents could not allow her to come close to their children because of the the condition she was in. Dad you did a great thing to help save the life of this girl. Whenever I move round the village,everyone appreciates me for helping this girl. they say that this is indeed the true and real heart of God, they say.
           I have attached a donor photo which I realized that it failed to attach when I sent the bible photos last time and Margret's photo. Son

Story continued as more photos and detail arrive from Bishop Bita