Bibles for Uganda


"The greatest missionary is the Bible in the mother tongue. It needs no furlough and is never considered a foreigner." 

--William Cameron Townsend (founder of Wycliffe)

Ps 41:1 Blessed is he that considereth the poor:  the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble

"Bibles for Uganda" is hosted by New Testament Fellowship International,

a 501 C-3 tax exempt organization based in the United States




                My name is Danny McDowell. I am the co-founder of "Bibles for Uganda" along with my spiritual son and partner Bishop Bita James "Jimmy" Oloo, a Ugandan national from the village of Osia, Tororo District near the Kenyan Border.

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In the summer of 2011, my son Jimmy, sent me a heart wrenching photo of a village pastor's Bible. The Bible no longer had a cover, pages were missing and tattered. Such Bibles are common in the villages of Uganda. Many times they are shared with other pastors and Church leaders. Jimmy's plea followed in this manner-----"Dad, this pastor wants to know if there is anyone in America who could provide him with a new Bible"------that was the beginning of Bibles for Uganda, a ministry of New Testament Fellowship International. Since that day we have distributed many hundreds of native language Bibles into remote areas of Uganda.

Bishop Pastor Bita James Oloo [Jimmy]-----co-founder, Bibles for Uganda


typical village Bible

Bibles for Uganda display at the River Walk Open Air Market----Augusta Georgia

Bishop Bita featured in the Slide Show exhibit

                Our missions involve a preliminary visit by Pastor Jimmy, to a rural [sometimes remote] village far from the well-traveled dirt roads of a given region. He travels first by taxi [16 passenger van] from Entebbe to Kampala, then transfers to another taxi which takes him to a drop-point, then by motor bike into the countryside----sometimes more than twenty five miles. He meets with village Pastors and Elders to explain the mission and purpose of Bibles for Uganda, then returns home to Entebbe to await confirmation by the village organizing team.

           When the village council confirms a date, Jimmy then purchases well bound, leather-like native language Bibles with a durable zipper----the cost: about fifteen dollars each, the equivalent of two to four weeks wages for a village Pastor. Our "Bible Drives" usually present 90 to 100 Bibles per mission-----one mission four times per year. Pastor Jimmy holds a three to four-day conference principally attended by pastors and Church elders. Jimmy teaches New Testament Christianity with an emphasis on sound Doctrine. There is always a push-back against false doctrines, heresies, superstitions, and unbiblical customs and practices. It is received with much joy and thanksgiving, for these elect leaders are hungry for God's Word, and sound ancient doctrine. The Centerpiece of our teaching is the CROSS, for without the shedding of Christ's Blood there is no remission for sin! Each and every candidate must demonstrate that he/she can actually READ their native language before they receive a Bible. Each candidate must be actively involved in ministry.

Luganda language Bibles ready for distribution

Pastor Jimmy teaching in the village

When the mission is completed, Jimmy returns to Entebbe to run his small business as an electronics repairman. He receives no money for his efforts in "Bibles for Uganda". It is purely for the Love of God that he takes one week quarterly out of his busy schedule, to minister to God's Elect in the villages. Jimmy files a quarterly report with photo accompaniment. Each report will be placed in this site in reverse chronological order.

Grateful Recipients

Each donor who purchases a "Bible for Uganda" will provide us with a photo of themselves.

Each donated Bible will have a photo of that particular donor in it. Likewise, when the recipient receives their new Bible, Jimmy will take a photo of that recipient [holding new Bible and photo of donor] and email all photos to me along with precious stories of interest. When I receive the photos from Uganda, I attach them to e-mails and forward them to donors. If this sounds confusing, let me just  say this----EVERY RECIPIENT HAS A NEW BIBLE WITH A PHOTO OF THEIR DONOR-------------------AND---------------EVERY DONOR HAS A PHOTO OF THE RECIPIENT [with donor's photo]. The village recipients feel very  connected with the donor and many say they will pray for their donor and family.

Recipient from a distant village, holding her new Luganda Bible with a photo of the donor

               Please avail yourselves of our quarterly posts. We endeavor to enter the most colorful and interesting photos and genuine stories possible----with a bit of humor at times. Pastor Jimmy has a page called "Bita James Oloo" in which he will make entries of interest concerning his own ministry and experiences accompanied by photos. We hope to make this site an "experience" rather than just "reading". Our promise to every person who becomes a partner in New Testament Fellowship International/Bibles for Uganda, is a personal connection to this ministry. Our donors are thrilled by each and every photo account we send to them. Every penny donated to Bibles for Uganda goes into the purchase and delivery of native language Bibles. Sometimes a donor will specify funds for travel expenses for our native missionaries Pastor Jimmy and his assistant Pastor Joshua. We are unique! We know of no other organization which takes native language Bibles [six languages] deep into the countryside along with strong orthodox New Testament, First Century Centered  doctrine. Pastor Jimmy is fluent in four languages, Joshua in two languages, and Elder Okurut Robert in three languages including the Ateso language.

Well, that's "Bibles for Uganda". We hope you enjoy our quarterly reports, stories, and photos

YESU MULUNGI----Jesus is Lord